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Pontiac 6000 (1982 - 1992 г.в.)

Pontiac 6000  2.5 i (1982 - 1992 г.в.) Pontiac 6000  2.5 i (1982 - 1992 г.в.) Pontiac 6000  2.5 i (1982 - 1992 г.в.) Pontiac 6000  2.5 i (1982 - 1992 г.в.) Pontiac 6000  2.5 i (1982 - 1992 г.в.)
Pontiac 6000 2.5 i (1982 - 1992 г.в.)

Pontiac 6000 3.1 i V6 (141 л.с.)1988 - 1992 г.в.
Pontiac 6000 2.5 i (106 л.с.)1982 - 1991 г.в.

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История и обзор модели

Pontiac 6000 - оригинальная среднеразмерная машина, выпускавшаяся концерном Дженерал Моторс с 1981 по 1992 гг. Построена на платформах таких машин как, Buick Century, Chevrolet Celebrity, Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, и Oldsmobile Cutlass Cruiser station wagon.

The 6000 was built at the Oshawa Car Assembly plant in Ontario, Canada from 1981 to 1988 and in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma until production ceased in 1991. They were also made in Tarrytown, New York for a few years. By 1984 the 6000 was Pontiac's best seller, with over 122,000 units sold.

The STE (Special Touring Edition) variant, added in 1983, transformed the 6000 into a road car capable of competing with sports sedans from abroad, such as the BMW 3 Series and the Mercedes-Benz 190E. The 6000 wagon also debuted for 1984, and a sporty S/E sedan and wagon, complete with ground effects and much of the STE's running gear, arrived for 1987. A 5-speed manual was optional on certain models beginning in late 1987. Model year 1989 saw some significant changes to the 6000, with a restyling of the rear window and other minor cosmetic upgrades. The rear window was now curved and more aerodynamic-shaped than the previous model's formal rear glass. The two-door coupe was dropped in 1989. By 1990 the 6000 was scoring very highly on customer satisfaction surveys, so highly in fact, that GM considered a redesign of the model for the mid-1990s. This never came to be, and production of the 6000 ended on July 5, 1991 when it was replaced by the sedan version of the Pontiac Grand Prix. 1990 was the last year of the 6000 station wagon.

STE version
The STE featured a 2.8 L High Output V6, a stiffer suspension with air-adjustable rear shocks, quick-ratio steering, upgraded wheels and tires, and sporty cosmetic touches.

Pontiac envisioned the 6000 STE to be a "technology showcase" for the division. Keeping with this theme, beginning in early 1984 the STE came standard with a digital Driver Information Center. The Center kept track of oil changes, tire rotations and tune-ups; alerted the driver to low fluids or burned-out bulbs, and warned of an open door, trunk, or hood. Steering wheel controls for the cassette stereo and 4-wheel disc anti-lock brakes arrived in 1986 for the STE. A unique laminated anti-laceration windshield was used on the 1987 6000 STE, and a two-position memory driver's seat was a special option on 1987 to 1988 STE models.

1988 and 1989 STEs were available with a rare full-time all-wheel drive system, a fully independent suspension and a new 3.1 L V6 and 3-speed automatic transmission. Engineers even designed the rear suspension of the all wheel drive 6000 models to accommodate four wheel steering, but this never moved beyond the planning stage. 1989 was the last year for the 6000 STE (now standard with all-wheel drive), as the STE badge was moved to the front-wheel drive Grand Prix for 1990. However, all wheel drive was still available as a $3,600 option in the S/E trim for the 1990 6000. As with the previous all-wheel drive models, 1990 S/E models with the all-wheel drive option (code F73) also came with the 3.1 L V6, a 3-speed automatic transmission, anti-lock brakes, and an auto-leveling rear suspension. About 3,700 all-wheel drive models were produced between 1988 and 1990.

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